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Priti Gaikwad is a seasoned communication specialist with 17 years of experience in content writing and marketing. She has a diverse portfolio inclusive of technical, marketing and brand building initiatives.

She is proficient in aligning herself with a brand’s persona and guidelines and devise effectual marketing strategies, plan noteworthy campaigns and generate interest for the companies, products and people she endorses. She loves to develop a synergy of customer-centric strategy, impactful content and responsive design that would be a significant contributor towards the success of marketing and sales campaigns.

In addition to these professional pursuits, she considers herself an avid reader who loves to write. So, she writes short stories, poems and articles for her blog https://pritigaikwad.com/ to ameliorate and satiate her creative instincts. She is most ecstatic when she uses her skills to write about the do-gooders who give back to the society and can help empower them with her words.

She also loves to dabble with all things spiritual and esoteric such as meditation and alternative healing therapies. She exudes dreamy, unconventional vibes, finding joy in the simple things and is profoundly grateful for every sunrise, every sunset and every star in this magnificent universe.

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