Shiva and Shambhavi


She lets him walk ahead,
Following his every step,
Smiling blissfully, eyes lowered,
Sati, the beautiful bride of Shiva.

They call him the Destroyer,
Whose third eye opens in ire,
She sees him as Neelkanth,
The halahal consuming Savior.

They call him AdiYogi,
The wandering ascetic,
She sees him fulfilling every wish,
The eternal giver, the Sarvayoni .

Yet, without his Shakti,
Shiva is a shava,
Dormant and lifeless,
Till she awakens him.

She is Prakriti,
The eternal mother,
In her lies,
The origin of all life.

And so it is,
The cosmic twin flame,
He becomes Her,
She becomes Him,
In their Oneness,
The universe is in harmony.

Published by Priti Gaikwad

Avid reader who loves to write. I am all about random musings, spritual leanings, poetic phrases, all things love and all things soul!

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