Eclipses are temporary, the Sun is eternal!

Eclipses are temporary, the Sun is eternal! And so it is with life – problems are temporary, the light of your soul is eternal. Next time when there is an eclipse in your life that makes you feel dejected and depressed, be thankful for them.
Remember: Eclipses are miracles! They enlighten your soul and help you discover the true gems in your life!

Shiva and Shambhavi

  She lets him walk ahead, Following his every step, Smiling blissfully, eyes lowered, Sati, the beautiful bride of Shiva. They call him the Destroyer, Whose third eye opens in ire, She sees him as Neelkanth, The halahal consuming Savior. They call him AdiYogi, The wandering ascetic, She sees him fulfilling every wish, The eternalContinue reading “Shiva and Shambhavi”

Colors of love

Image Courtesy: We talk like children, Sharing secrets without fear. All pure, all white, Like the English roses I hold so dear! We laugh like maniacs, Sometimes over nothing. All bright, all yellow, Like the swaying buttercups in spring! We fight like monsters, Our volatile hearts ablaze. All red, our ire, Like the crimson orchidsContinue reading “Colors of love”