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Hi, and welcome to Mizuki Content Studio. We are proud to be a work-in-progress writing and storytelling blog. If you love stories, poems, and books, then we should definitely stay connected!

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About Me

Hi, I’m Priti. A content strategist working with B2B companies for their content marketing and social media management.

In addition to these professional pursuits, I am an avid reader who loves to
write. So, I pen short stories, poems, and articles to ameliorate and satiate my creative instincts.

I am most ecstatic when I get to write about the do-gooders who give back to society and can help spread happy thoughts.

I love to dabble with all things spiritual and esoteric such as meditation and
alternative healing therapies.

I exude dreamy, unconventional vibes, finding joy in the
simple things and am profoundly grateful for every sunrise, every sunset, and every star in this
magnificent universe.

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